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About Me

Achieving a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and joining the faculty at Harvard Medical School represented the fulfillment of some major life goals, which has allowed me to craft a wonderfully rewarding career in Coaching and Psychology.


Coaching is about making time and space in one’s busy life to focus on the kinds of dreams and aspirations that have the potential to redefine our lives.   As a personal and executive coach I draw from Positive Psychology, and from thousands of hours of experience consulting with clients, to aid others in finding their best selves.  Your goals for growth and change might include a new career path or relationship, weight loss, improved health, or completion of a major project such as writing a book or finishing a degree.  In coaching we use creative, collaborative engagement to access your strengths and inner vitality, to clear hurdles you’ve encountered on the way to realizing important life goals.

Take the Next Step

I offer a complementary 20-minute phone consultation with prospective coaching clients, which provides an example of coaching and a chance for us to meet.  Ongoing coaching work is usually arranged for one or more months at a time, with sessions ranging  from 30-60  minutes in length.  I meet with distant clients by phone or Skype. If you’re in the Boston area, I’ll gladly meet with you in person.


  • prioritize your goals for growth and enrichment
  • use accountability to move forward
  • make active progress as part of every session we have
  • build awareness around your motivation and change process
  • use strengths and playfulness to create change


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